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Be it the quiet, melancholic exploration of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild; the heart-pumping dread woven audibly through a playthrough of Doom (2016); or the ethereal beauty of the meditative Abzu - music and its use in gaming is a beautiful expression and union of mediums, skills, and people. Since first booting up Super Mario Land on Gameboy, videogames have been a collaborative art form that I have enjoyed as a player, and contribute to as a composer and musician. As a result, I’ve acquired lots of XP and chosen some Skill Tree paths that have led me to becoming a composer for games, dance, short film, and art.

My name is Luke. I’m a composer and musician/multi-instrumentalist. And former IT support professional. Thank you for stopping by my site!

Education Creds :: I earned my Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Music (brass emphasis), leading to earning my M.M. in Music Composition under John Fitz Rogers at the University of South Carolina School of Music - as well as growth as a musician and composer under Julie Hubbert, and other mentors and professors through my interactions and studies.